October 1937 was a great time. Just look at these important moments in history:

  • Ronald Reagan made his film debut in “Love is in the Air”.
  • The first full length animated film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was released
  • Krispy Kreme doughnuts were introduced to the world in Salem, North Carolina.
  • Spinach growers in the United States erected a statue in honor of Popeye.
  • I entered the world in Timaru, New Zealand.

Has there ever been a month as great as this? Enough of this serious stuff!

The middle of three children, I left school, unwillingly, shortly after my 16th birthday. Having had a desire, inspired by a great aunt, to become a teacher, I was initially unable to follow that path, because I had left school without sitting for my University Entrance exam. While I was working, in an office I attended night school to gain entrance to University. Knowing I would need money to support myself at University I spent another year working in higher- paying jobs, such as sheep-shearing. After 4 years at University and two years teaching, I left New Zealand in 1961, spending most of the following 7 years living in Britain and seeing much of Europe. Yes, I had developed an appetite for travel. 

In late 1968 I migrated to Australia. Western Australia was clearly in need of teachers with at least some level of competence, because within a year I was the Principal of a special education school. Until I retired from full time work in 1999, I had been a teacher, principal, superintendent, manager of an international aid program in Indonesia and CEO of an NGO in the disability area. Along the way, at the age of 42, I obtained my Ph.D. in the disability field, from the University of Illinois

Along the way I developed a passion for bridge. Regrettably I did not learn the game until I was almost 40 – about 25 years too late. When I retired in Melbourne, Australia in late 1999, my wife and I moved to Los Angeles. In 2000 I began a second career, as a bridge teacher, a director and a player. For the last 20 years Delia and I have traveled the world teaching bridge on cruise ships.

Face-to-face bridge has been severely reduced because of the pandemic. Plenty of time available now to pursue other activities – writing and cooking occupy most of my time these days.

My so-called friends have used many descriptors to paint a verbal picture of me – irreverent, humorous and pain-in-the a***. are some of the more polite terms they have been known to use, usually with a glimmer of a smile on their faces. 

I will be posting on this blog twice a week. If you enjoy my offerings, come back on a regular basis – and let your friends know! Hasta la vista.

The Blogger.